Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little House Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder

This time period in our history has always fascinated me. The heart and soul of our country was built on these pioneers that challenged the wilderness and survived. Many people did not as the blizzards arrived unannounced - no doppler radar back then. I can only imagine huddling by the stove to stay warm as the wind blew. These were not southern winters but good old fashion South Dakota snow and cold.

I enjoy her perspective from a child - the joys of Christmas candy and simply walking by the streams in the summer. We take so much for granted compared to the kind of work that had to be done before machines/technology. She shares her personal struggle to act like a girl and not play games with the boys. Laura always struggled to "be good". She was raised to be polite and always obedient to her parents.

I enjoyed this series and it is a great children's book series.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Freefall by Kristen Heitzman

I actually found this on the library shelf as well. I actually really like Heitzman as an author. Her characters are always so realistic with real doubts and fears. She does not allow there to be an easy answer to really complicated situations.

This book is about a rising star actress that falls and gets amnesia at the beginning of the book. She finally remembers who she is but not many of the details of the fall. It is a mystery. She meets a local that helps save her uncle and eventually falls in love with this woman. Her fame adds some difficulty to the relationship. The book does have a few unexpected turns as they struggle with getting to know each other and find the "killer" and the motive.

I liked this book. Not quite the perfect mystery, but enough to make it interesting.

Lost Highways by Curtiss Ann Matlock

I was in the mood for an easy romantic type book. I grabbed this off the library shelf. It looked good without too much of the "porn" descriptions that can be in romance books. I steer clear of books with the covers of half clothed men about to kiss the woman. I really got sucked into these in high school - don't want to go there again.

Anyway, this book was not amazing and possibly forgetable. The characters were both lost - not sure of where they belonged and essentially found each other at this crossroad. The female character was a wandering barrel racer trying to get rid of the pain of losing her mother and the male character was a doctor trying to find his way away from his domineering family of doctors. It was an interesting book to see hearts healed from past hurts by the love of a stranger. Matlock did a good job of portraying family dysfunctions and how they play into our struggle to find one self.

I would read one of her books again.

Friday, January 23, 2009


I was in the mood for a suspense novel. This was not the best one ever, but has some interesting sci-fi type stuff in it that kept me interested. It was actually a second book in a series, but was good as a stand alone.

The book is about the mysterious disappearance of an entire town. It was preceeded by these flashing lights on radar. It includes secrets and conspiracies by the government and who to trust. I could see this one being made into a movie. It is listed as christian fiction and there is some of that and many of the decisions made by the main character reflect his faith. This wasn't a bad book at all - quick read.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Spa Girls

This book is very reminiscent of the sisterchick books. Just the story of seemingly mismatched friends that help each other through the ups and downs of life. It is the story of the diamond heiress Morgan and her two very different friends Lily (clothes designer) and Poppy (natural health doctor). Morgan wants to see what "real" life is like - ie, being poor. Lily and Poppy help her out, but it becomes complicated by lawsuits and other personal issues.

This was a light read, especially after my last book. I found it refreshing and real. Not a must read, but enjoyable.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Riven by Jerry Jenkins

I just devoured this book. I read a review on it in Today's Christian Women magazine and then actually found it on the shelf in the library last week. I liked the Left Behind series that he wrote with Tim LaHaye and wanted to give it a go.

The author's note indicated that this is a book that he has had in his mind and heart for decades and has finally put in on paper. For me, the book did not disappoint. Jenkins does a beautiful job of creating the two main characters, Brady Darby (juvenile delinquent) and Thomas Carey (pastor/Chaplain). By the time they meet in the book you are wanting both of them to see the power of God.

I did not want to put the book down and was captivated by the complexity of the human heart. Jenkins captured the struggles of the characters and allowed us to experience it with them. If you have ever wondered about forgiveness and the Grace of God, this book strikes a chord as to the power of that. Does God's Word have power? This "story/parable" doesn't allow you to sit without thinking about what God can and is willing to do for us.

I highly recommend this book if you get a chance. It is now one of the top ten books on my list.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Veritas by Frank Peretti

I found this in the children's section while looking for a book for my son. I didn't find the copy of Ribsy I was looking for, but found this.

This is a mystery series written by the author of "The Present Darkness" books. He likes to write about the spiritual unseen world of angels and demons. This book was an easy read since it was written for 5th graders yet, interesting enough for an easily entertained adult like me to enjoy.

The book was centered around the strange sicknesses of students in a high school supposedly linked to a curse. A family team assigned by the President infiltrates the school and eventually finds the source of the sickness. The mystery is fairly interesting with a hint of Christian faith and prayer thrown in appropriately. I would recommend this book as a quick read, especially for middle school/junior high age kids.